Lathering Cleanser (Step 2) 5.5 oz



Use twice daily for maximum results!
Men's Skin Care

Lathering Cleanser (Step 2)

Shaving can force impurities into the pores. The bubbles formed by this cleanser create a colloidal action that cleans deep into the pores. This cleanser helps remove bacteria and encourages the skin's natural exfoliation process.



  1. Place a small amount of cleanser into your hand, add water and work into a rich lather. Gently apply to face and neck.
  2. Remove the cleanser with a wash cloth dampened in lukewarm water. 
  3. Splash skin several times to completely rinse your skin and pat dry.


Now that you have clean skin, it's now time to shave. Use a blade razor with the Alpha Omega Cleanser or the Vita Conditioner with an electric razor.